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The best coffee in London

The UK is different to Melbourne in that it doesn’t have many Italian migrants, which means that there is not much coffee culture. In my current job I get out and about quite a bit and people often give me coffees. These are some of the best and worst, judged of course on 1 single cup which is probably very unjust.
1) cheapest good quality cappuccino
Algerian Coffee House on Old Compton Rd Soho – £0.95. A little bit bitter for my taste but good!
2) Lovely bar man
Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch
when I thanked the Italian barman for the lovely cappuccino he said arrrr that, that was nothing, I’ll make you a proper coffee. And he did, it was mild and the coffee had chocolate notes (we had just discussed that I prefer my coffee mildly roasted but not too much milk) & it was great!
3) Nice all rounder
Chris at the Corner Store at Covent Garden made a mean cappuccino with their Izzo or something extremely impressive shiny stainless steel machine
4) Great coffee
Directly opposite Bar Soho on Old Compton St biased a little to the left, small, but nice coffee

Name & Shame
1) the absolutely worst coffee in London is Sketch – maybe I got them on a bad day, but my ‘cappuccino’ tasted like watery instant and the white froth on top tasted like water too….
2) Box – I think they left their milk out too long….