Massaya Classic 2005 Lebanon Bekaa Valley 14.5% abv Cinsault 60%, Cab sav. 20% Shiraz 20% £8

Lebanese wine!

A first for me, and since firsts are becoming more rare wine-wise I was very excited! On buying it my nice salesman at Uncorked told me that it is completely unlike other Lebanese wines – consistent, unoxidised, nice to drink… How could I resist?

Now I haven’t drunk a cinsault based wine before so this was doubly exciting.

At first I had it at room temperature & it seemed excessively alcoholic, however after cooling in the fridge and breathing a little it became something extremely interesting – medium + bodied, medium flavour intensity, medium length, medium + acidity and with tannins coming ever increasingly to the fore. With notes of violet and licorice I could see why the South Africans decided to cross this with Pinot Noir to produce their major red grape, Pinotage! All in all this was a clean, simple wine, a bit high in alcohol, but that’s unavoidable with red wine at the moment, with unusual fruit, very enjoyable!

I would pair this with duck, salmon or maybe tomato based vegetarian meals – let me know if anything better occurs to you. Apart from my head the next day, perfect for a Wednesday night wine.

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Being the winemaker, Thank you for the comments and sorry for the hangover.

I confirm your point of view: cinsault is a great grape variety and expresses so nicely the bekaa valley terroir. It should be more popular among wine lovers.

However, cinsault is spicy and fruity if picked over matured, otherwise, it is flat and looses its charm. I understand your comments about the level of alcohol but given the cinsault personality and the consistent beaufiful weather in the bekaa valley, a high degree of alcohol is in a way a respect of the grape and of the terroir. cheers

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