I HATE TESCO’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a letter from me to them)

Dear poor sod who has to read these letters,

I am not happy for several reasons.

I ordered wine from your wine club, one case of which I really wanted, 3 cases of which I thought might be useful. First I had to go through the rigmarole of being bounced back to the book a delivery slot page because one of the cases I ordered was not in stock. That’s ok I like entering my mastercard details on ‘secure’ websites several times because your programming departments are not capable of putting in a bright red error message ‘attention one of these items is not in stock’, whcih every other online store does manage.

And today it arrives, after a week’s delay & lo & behold, the one case I actually wanted to drink is not amongst the delivery ‘sorry but it’s not available today’. Now correct me if this is an unreasonable expectation – but surely my order from Weds last week reserved me one of the cases that were then most definitely in stock! Could you not have contacted me to let me know that my order would not go through because that item was missing & give me the option of taking a part delivery today or pushing back my delivery date even further, as most responsible retailers manage to do?????

Now whilst I’m already complaining, I’d like to cover a few more points about your online retailing and your in-store experience.

Why was it impossible for me to order the wine club wines & groceries together? I could have both shopping baskets running concurrently! I have to say that although you may be cheaper than ocado on 1000 items or something, they do not charge me £5 delivery for £20 of groceries as I can make a wine order at the same time.

Also why is it on the ‘contact us’ page of your website you list all number of telephone numbers, postal addresses, but no email address – could it be that you’re afraid of being swamped by a tidal wave of complaints, by people like myself who do not feel like waiting 10 minutes on hold to make their complaint?

Now getting back to the organisation of your stores I have a few small suggestions based on my experience of shopping at the hell hole known as Surrey Quays: please put the herbs & spices in one aisle, pick an aisle, I don’t care which, but I have so far located them in 4 different places in your store, which makes it very difficult for me the shopper to get what I want (a result of which is that I currently buy my groceries exclusively through Ocado, as entering your store causes me several hours of rage); and two, this one is really simple, please put the items in the aisles where they’re listed on the overhead signs. I’m not a mind-reader, how was I to guess that cream would not be located in the cream aisle, but in the ham aisle?

Ok, that gets all that off my chest, however I’m left with 2 cases of wine I didn’t particularly want & not the wine I want. I should really have heeded all the online information about avoiding Tesco.

Kind Regards,
Helen Coker

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I could not read barcode to punch details into automated checkout. A asked staff for help and was twice told that is your problem. I stormed out and complained to head office twice. Each time I never got a satisfactory appology. Have not used tesco in over a year. It feels great but I still feel deeply offended. I cannot help my poor eyesight.

When ever I used to shop at my local branch I’d never find the items I needed and often I’d give up and walk out (leaving the contents in the trolley in the shop) or if I’d found everything and I am ready to pay I would have the choice of using the quick checkout (monitored by a miserable member of staff who thinks every young customer steals or at least looks at you that way very time you use it)

or a manned till of which the misrable staff actually work by scanning your products then stop halfway to have an “un-important” chat with their work colege leaving you to stand there whilst your frozen thaw!

Asda opened a branch here now and I’m impressed! I have items on the shelf I want, or a equal alternative. The quick self serve is manned by a helpful member of staff that (at a drop of a needle) is there scanning your items for you and packing them in a self service till with a smile on her face!

I hate Tesco…………. 3 weeks for clothing to arrive, i will never ever use them again, they have got to big….. and now the only way is down for them.

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