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Ginger Parkin – no eggs, vegan suitable if you use margarine & soy milk!

mmmm cake! This is exceedingly easy to make & tastes a bit like anzac biscuits! It’s nice & moist and would work as a pudding with custard. Don’t worry the mix is really liquid, it turns out fine!

Preheat the over to 150 deg.

Melt in the microwave a mix of:

200mL milk

2 tbs golden syrup

110g butter

In a bowl or mixer mix:

175g plain flour

200g sugar (raw would be nice, white is fine though!)

125g porridge oats

1.5 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp bicarb

grated one thumbs length of fresh ginger (optional) – with ginger the exact amount is unimportant – more = stronger ginger flavour!

Mix the melted ingredients into the dry using whisk or mixer.

Bake in a buttered loaf tin for 45 mins. I hate lining tins, but this is a sticky cake so I’d have to recommend lining the base of this one!

Makes 16 squares.

One reply on “Ginger Parkin – no eggs, vegan suitable if you use margarine & soy milk!”

I just made it now (any excuse to eat something that tastes like Anzac biscuits 😉 )
I used less sugar than the recipe stated as 99% of the time, cakes are too sweet for me. I also ommitted the ginger as I’m not overly fond of ginger in cakes. I also used a reduced fat spread.

Verdict: I think the ginger, even a little, is needed for that extra kick. For me, the cake had the right level of sweetness. I was feeling a little greedy so I ate a piece as soon as it came out of the oven (but it fell apart), with icecream as it was quite puddingy.

It’s something I will certainly make again. Next time, I might try half wholemeal half plain flour, with the ginger.

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