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Lemon, almond & ricotta cake

Two days ago I had a slice of the most amazing lemon & almond cake – moist, delicious, so here begins my search to recreate it. Luckily there were a lot of great recipes on the web, my main source was:

2 duck eggs (or 3 chooken eggs)
2/3 cup sugar
100 g almonds put through the blender until fine
75 g salted butter, melted
125 g oz ricotta
zest and rind of 1 lemon (or two if you like it really strongly lemony)

100mL flour

-Whisk eggs and sugar until smooth, add the ground almonds then butter.
– Break up ricotta and add, beat. When the batter is smooth, beat in the flour.
– Pour it into a round 20cm springform cake tin and bake it in a pre-heated oven (180° C) 30 minutes.

I think I baked mine a little too long (as I added an extra 10 mins, but this is probably also because I can’t justify to myself heating up the whole oven for one little cake so I just do it on the oven setting on our microwave.  Next time I will probably make a little syrup with grated rind of a lemon maybe 50g sugar, 20mL water, then add the lemon juice when it has boiled, prick the warm cake all over & pour over the syrup before taking it out of the tin.

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This cake sounds great! We are looking for a bake off recipe for our local Agricultural Show with a dairy theme and this looks like a winner. I have one question: How much flour??

I would love to make the Lemon, almond and ricotta cake. Can you please let me know how much flour to use as it is not listed in the recipe.

Oh wow, apologies I haven’t done anything on my blog for a while & thought I was the only user (I find it quite a useful collection): 100mL of plain flour is the correct amount. I usually use juice & rind of an extra lemon now to make it really lemony, which then means I use a full half cup of plain flour.

Really sorry, hope you worked it out! I’ve now included the 100mL flour in the recipe. May even manage photos one day if I’m not too greedy…

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